Welcome to Stages to Style – a blog that celebrates finding a bit more style, creativity and joy in each day.

From home decorating, to beauty products, routine busters and creative projects – this is all about enjoying the process of making things feel a bit better (not perfect results!) and sharing easy tips learnt along the way…

A bit of background, if you’re curious:

I originally started this blog because I worked in theatre, and wanted to move into writing more about fashion and other creative topics (so literally going from stages to style, that was the idea!).

I’d done an English degree, gone to drama school, and worked in marketing, producing and fundraising for theatre companies and charities. I’d followed this path only to realise that it didn’t make me happy – I was low in self esteem and drained of life. On a trip back to my childhood bedroom, I found a notebook full of ideas about what I wanted to do in the future, from the job (fashion writer/buyer/designer) to the children (2 – named Lila and Benjamin, fyi). I found sketches of the outfits I’d wear and fashion magazine collages of the life I’d lead. I decided to wake up that hopeful, excited girl again.

So I got my sketchbook out, and started drawing and painting again. I began to blog about how my partner and I were doing up our flat (and what we learnt from the things that went wrong), about beauty products that made me feel good, and about health/wellness topics that really mattered to me – like Rosacea and M.E. Stages to Style became my guide and diary of ways to feel a bit better, a bit more creative and a lot more alive.

As this blog continues to grow, I hope it provides you with some fun reading, and inspiration to get creative, revisit old hobbies, and see where the lead… Looking forward to sharing the journey with you!

Katie x

Photo Credit: Petros Poyiatgi