Hello. Welcome to this blog about finding a bit more style and a bit more joy. It’s all about process (rather than results!) and sharing easy tips along the way.

Here’s a bit of background, if you’re curious:

I decided to start this blog based on a trip back to my childhood bedroom. I found a notebook I that filled out as a 13 year old answering questions on everything I wanted to have in the future, from the job (fashion writer/buyer/designer) to the children (2 – Lila and Benjamin*). At 13, I was absolutely convinced that I’d make the most stylish, elegant grown-up. I even studied for the role – carefully curating my future wardrobe (knowing I’d thank me later) by cutting pictures out of my stacks of fashion magazines and sticking them into scrapbooks. I glued, wrote and designed the life of future¬†Me – that perfect adult. This sustained me through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a stream of illnesses that followed in my teens.

As an adult, I didn’t transform into that perfect¬†Me. Of course. I’m still me, just a bit older… I’m now 27 and my life has taken me in lots of surprising directions: I moved away from Glasgow, went to university, swapped subjects from Art History to English, took part in some theatre stuff, went to drama school. I even moved down south. My scrapbook outfits didn’t plan for any of this.

But I still devour magazines. I still collect images I like, from anything and everything, and stick them into notebooks. I still write – marketing copy, social media posts, fundraising applications… But somewhere along the way, I lost the habit of writing about things I enjoy. I found myself low in esteem and inspiration.

I’m hoping that, stage by stage, this blog can lead me towards new ideas and opportunities. At the very least, I’ll have created posts on topics that make me feel good, that hopefully encourage you to put a bit more joy and style into your days!



*fyi – these will not be their names

Photo Credit: Petros Poyiatgi