Style Evolution: Master Bedroom

In the renovation of our Edwardian property, the master bedroom was the task I was most excited about. It has double aspect windows with views out to the garden and a slightly curved ceiling – it’s a light and airy space that also feels like a nest amongst the trees.

When we moved in, however, the room was tired out. It was covered in beige wallpaper with silver stencilled pattern (remember that 00s era trend?), with heavy crimson curtains and an aged grey carpet. Our aim was to transform it into a calm, peaceful and inspiring space.

We had the stencilled wallpaper ripped off, along with the woodchip that covered the rest of the property. This exposed the previous wall colour, along with grey boarding and plaster. We camped amongst this for a bit, as we worked out our decor scheme. Here’s a record of our bedroom at this point – it’s not exactly glamorous:


When we started on the decorating, the first task was a mist coat over the newly plastered areas and to create a general base. Rather than mixing a white paint mist coat (we had a disaster with that in the study, described here), we used our chosen shades of Farrow & Ball paint and mixed a base coat of 80% paint and 20% water ratio. This gives the plaster some water content to absorb, preventing the paint from flaking off this very dry surface. We continued to very slightly water down the paint for the next two coats, to build even layers. The results look like this:





Throughout our home, we’ve kept to a main colour scheme of creams and blues. In this room, we’ve used Light Blue and Slipper Satin. Light Blue can also look more grey or more green depending on the light, and it’s lovely to feel like this room changes in atmosphere depending on the weather. Slipper Satin is a soft, warm off-white, inspired by traditional ballet shoes. We then added pink tones to accent this room – the ceiling light is from MADE and the framed illustrated map of Paris on the back wall started life as wrapping paper!

To emphasise the brightness of the room, we’ve kept to white furniture – the bed and bookcase are from IKEA and the bed sheets from MADE. We also had a light oak wood laminate laid down for the flooring, with a MADE rug.


We were finally free of someone else’s stained grey carpet – that was the moment I felt I could finally unpack my slippers!


I fell in love with the elephant embroidered blinds (which we measured ourselves and ordered online from Blinds to Go, a very easy process) and the linen mix fabric has a lovely texture.


We went for blackout blinds, which are working really well to control the morning light – we roll them up slightly when we wake up at 6am for our cup of tea in bed before getting on with the day. Here’s the room in that early morning light:


The canvas on the wall is part of a cloud series I have been painting during lockdown. I should probably sell it but I really love the calming and dreamy feel it gives our bedroom.


This room has offered us a relaxing and calming space to unwind, which has proven especially important during lockdown! There are still finishing touches, like prints to hang on the wall. But for now, we’re just grateful to have a space that really feels like our’s.

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