Scrapbooking for Self-Care

These are very stressful times, and little bits of joy and alone time can be hard to find. If you’re looking for a creative and emotional outlet, why not build up a scrapbook? Forget any childhood or teenage associations, and reclaim making collages as an adult! It’s a quick, easy and therapeutic way to explore your style and interests.

Although Pinterest is great, nothing beats an actual paper book full of images and ideas you have curated. It’s a way to carve out some non-screen time, you build a record of how you’re feeling (like a diary, but more coded in imagery), it can be shared with others if you wish, or used for lots of different purposes. Whereas images I pin, I then forget about 5 minutes later…

You can have different books going for different purposes. I have an interior design scrapbook, charting ideas for renovating our flat (and it’s so fun to flick back on my earliest starting points!).

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I also have a style and beauty/hair scrapbook, where I curate looks and settings (if you love fashion magazines, this is a great way to create your own!). The front of the book is imagery, with lots of space to add future images that will build the look for each double page.

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At the back of this notebook, I have a collection of little tips and tricks articles I’ve saved for future reference. Also a few pages dedicated to my ideal office space, as a reminder of my work goals.

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Finally, I have an artistic scrapbook, full of characters and settings to spark my imagination for stories and clothes design. This book also has a page of images that that make me feel peaceful (lots of blue and water) which is proving very useful just now!

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All you need to get started a spare notebook, anything you can legitimately cut up, scissors and glue. The imagery can come from anywhere – the more abstract the better, and you can always print off images if you have that facility. I’m certain that if you raid the cupboards, you can find something to use – whether that’s travel brochures, colourful leaflets, old magazines, wrapping paper, or just some pens to colour with. You don’t have to show anyone these books, so make a place where your imagination can run wild and you can create inspiring plans for the future!

This is also great to do with kids, along any kind of theme (like what they want to do when they’re older, places they find interesting, animals, or to compliment any school project).

It’s all about process rather than product. So just have fun!