January Beauty Finds

Happy end of January (February is basically Spring…right?!). I thought it would be fun to start a mini round-up of my favourite beauty products, especially for months that can otherwise seem a bit dreary!*

So, let’s talk January saviours:

Bath House – Lemongrass Bath Salts

Is there anything better than a bath on a bleak winter evening? The correct answer is no, of course not. I’ve gone on about bath salts on here before, but my latest find is Bath House – who create artisan fragrance and natural skincare in Cumbria. I use their Lemongrass bath salts which are really refreshing, and I bought my mum the Grapefruit & Frangipani salts for her birthday. Both have a really distinct scent without being heavy, and the salts soften the water beautifully. They come with a gorgeous little wooden scoop as well, which adds a bit of luxury and ritual to your soak. There are also soap bars, lotions, butters, deodorants and more on their website which I’m looking forward to exploring! All their products are created in their own making rooms in Cumbria, using eco-certified and natural ingredients (i.e. no Parabens, Microbeads, etc). thebathhouseshop.co.uk

Maui Body Lotion – Extra Hydrating + Shea Butter

I stumbled across Maui by accident, simply by browsing the shelves and comparing this product’s ingredients list to the usual body lotion I intended to buy. Maui’s ingredients list was a fraction of the length, and contained more items I’d actually heard of. So I thought I’d give this one a go – and it really works! It absorbs quickly, isn’t sticky, and has a noticeably improving effect on my skin over time (the main criteria for a body lotion, let’s be honest). I use it all over after a shower, with an extra dose on my feet before I slip them into a cosy pair of socks. This has worked wonders on my dry and cracked heels, which I thought were too stubborn to improve. The scent from the bottle is predominantly Aloe Vera but this is discreet when it absorbs in. The product I purchased is for extra dry skin (hello winter) but they have other varieties available, as well corresponding body washes and their established range of shampoo and conditioners. mauimoisture.com

Reusable Swaps – Cotton Rounds and Sanitary Pads

Although I started swapping in more reusable products into my beauty routine before January, this is the month where I’m seeing more of an impact on my habits.

I spent far too many years using disposable cotton rounds to dry my face after washing (in my defence, my rosacea face is very sensitive to towels). Towards the end of last year, I swapped to using washable bamboo cotton rounds (I use HUKU but there are loads of brands available on Amazon and elsewhere). As well as cutting down on irresponsible waste, the material has helped to improve and soften my skin over time. I keep the clean ones in a vintage cut glass bowl with a lid, making them a much more stylish addition to the bathroom than a plastic sack of disposables! Once a pad is used, I put it in a mesh bag (which came with the purchase) and I chuck the tied-up bag in with my laundry. I lay them out on a clean dish cloth in a warm place to dry, then back in the glass bowl they go. Simple.

Now, sanitary pads. This is in the process of exploration, so I have a longer blog post coming once they’ve been fully tested. As I have written about before, I have issues with my periods. One side effect is that I waste a lot of disposable pads for protection on days where I’m out and about, expecting a period which then doesn’t turn up. I could use a menstrual cup but pads are easy to have stashed in various places and pockets for unexpected cycle behaviour. Looking to cut down on waste, I researched reusable options, and settled on Bloom & Nora. Their pads go in the wash, and you can pick from natural bamboo (Bloomers) or a stain repellent material (Nora). Whilst I haven’t yet tested them over a full cycle, they have proved really handy in the waiting-for-a-period days this December/January. If you’re looking to explore more sustainable period care, they do starter packs where you can get to know their sizings. Their pads are also far prettier and softer than the disposable ones in your local shop. bloomandnora.com

*I don’t get paid for any of these mentions on my quiet little blog. But they are all products I have personally used, and which are a new/key feature of my routine this month. Hope you enjoy!

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