High Street Edit – Spring/Summer 2019

After a testing couple of months, I’m officially ready to greet Spring now – to shake off the cobwebs, and get out into the sunshine. In my last post, I described the medical scare I was dealing with over the winter. My results have, thankfully, come back clear. I didn’t get a miraculous solution to my wacky period cycles but at least the darker threat of cancer has been lifted. I’m keen to now look forwards positively, and what better way than planning outfits to guide the way to summer?

I’ve scoured the high street for the best pieces (in my opinion) to welcome the new season. None are sponsored, they’re just my picks for some online window shopping!

The All in One

I’m starting with the trend that makes me shudder: the one-piece. Jumpsuits/dungarees/playsuits/elevated onesies – they’ve been in the shops for ages now, and most recently spotted disguising themselves amongst the utility and neutral trends.

For me, though, a one-piece still means the fleecy Primark onesie from my university years (let’s admit it – we all bought one! Mine had hedgehog on the feet). Or much worse – those clingy rompers you have to peel off with a shiver every time you go to the loo on a night out. Oh, and let’s include dungarees in this category of Things We Should Have Grown Out Of – I haven’t been able to rock those with conviction since 1995.

But I might make an exception for a jumpsuit from Zara. More along the lines of a boilersuit than a jumpsuit – slouchier and forgiving. You want the shape to look genuinely functional, but the fabric to show you’re not actually here fix the plumbing… If anywhere can manage that, Zara can. Their options offer a flexible addition to the wardrobe, especially for those spring days where the weather really could do anything.

Working the Neutrals

As the Spring/Summer collections showed, there are a lot of shades of beige. Taupe, fawn, caramel…. there’s a seductive name for all of them. But essentially, it’s pick a shade of brown that suits you, and chances are it will go with 90% of your existing wardrobe.

ASOS has dresses that remind me of the dancer influences in Dior’s Spring 2019 Ready-to-Wear show (I particularly like the wrap of the back). Topshop’s beige low rise jeans from Topshop are an easy addition to your regular denims. I also love the warm colour and shape of their ‘chocolate’ boxy utility shirt (currently on sale).

Doing Prints

There are loads of print options around just now. Animal print is everywhere: from neon snakeskin, to subtler tones; full on leopard, to a hint of jungle. In my opinion, it looks best when casual – see H&M’s swimsuits for that 70s vibe.

Then, we get into tie-dye… How do you wear it without looking like you’re about to sing the chorus of Kumbaya? I think it works when there’s structure, like Zara’s fitted dresses. Track down some tie-dye in their men’s section and tuck it into tailored trousers.

But looking ahead to summer – I just want a full-on hit of colour. The Nelly print linen top from Monsoon fits the bill perfectly. Oasis also has some great summery prints at the moment.

Bring on the Weddings

Summer in your mid/late twenties – the wedding season for the next ten years (at least!). There’s one guest dressing tip that I fully believe in: unless you’re in the wedding party, never wear a new dress.

A) Someone else might turn up in it.

B) You’re under pressure to find it in the lead up to someone else’s big day – which eats up your lunch break time, and gives you another annoying cost (amongst booking travel, buying the gift, etc, etc).

C) You haven’t had much chance to road test whether it can withstand a long day, or if you might accidentally flash someone during the YMCA…

So trust the dresses already in your wardrobe. If absolutely none of them will work, go for separates (you can blend a new skirt with an old top, or vice versa).

If I were to add a few new dresses this year – to incubate for future occasions – it would be one with a cape back from ASOS and the Alyssa printed shirt dress from Monsoon.

90s Denim

I’m on the look out for a denim jacket. Potentially a man’s one for the loose fit, like those from Uniqlo. Or for a bit more of an investment, Levi’s Ex Boyfriend Trucker Jacket (in a mid blue). I’d also like to get into a pair of Mom jeans – like this pair from River Island, which are a light tone for summer and easily dress up or down.

I have to draw the line at double denim though. Not sure I could pull off a throwback to the band Bewitched…

So there you have it – my season picks! In reality, the flat renovation has put clothes shopping out of the question (an update on that project soon!). But hey, it’s fun to plan…

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