Then the Walls Wept

This is Part Two of an innocent previous post about plastering. Who knew there was one more thing to say… (I didn’t).

As it dries, the plaster colour blanches from deep terracotta to a pale Barbie. The shades in between are not unattractive – Farrow & Ball’s Setting Plaster¬†even recreates the look, (at, um, ¬£78 per 5 litres, to make it appear as though you haven’t bought any paint at all…). You probably know about the colour changing thing. But for me, the weeping was a surprise.

It makes sense really – plaster is wet, and as it dries and hardens it releases its moisture. That wetness has to go somewhere, so it clings to your windows, your door handles, your belongings, your air.

For the week or so it took the plaster to dry, it was like living in a sauna. Not unpleasant, just a bit weird. I’d open the front door and be hit by a wave of moist warmth. Every morning, I’d take a giant towel (which the previous owner had left under the defrosting fridge) and dry the windows – the towel would get soaked through. To avoid having to do the drying dance several times a day, and to help get rid of the remaining plaster dust sticking to the air, we did kept the windows open most of the day.

In December.

Thankfully, it’s been reasonably mild. In fact, getting this work done during a humid summer would have been a lot worse.

So here we are – artex covered and wood chip gone; the walls have stopped weeping and are just faintly blushing.

I didn’t realise how much the plaster colour had seeped into our brains, until I saw that we’d bought Christmas baubles to match.

Plastered Walls Christmas Tree







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